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Educating, equipping, and empowering your people should be possible for any organization!

Does your organization suffer from outdated leadership?

✓ My team lacks a unified purpose

✓ Our behaviors aren’t aligned with our values

✓ We are unequipped to lead in today’s world

✓ My team doesn’t support each other

✓ We don’t take action to solve problems

✓ I struggle to find the time to develop my team

✓ We face a lot of resistance from outside people

✓ We’re not bought in to the vision

3 Steps to Book a Workshop


Provide some details about your organization.


We’ll give you a call to talk over the challenges and needs of your organization.


Choose a date to host the workshop.

What People Are Saying…

“The best “in-service” I was ever a part of… transformational!”

–Brad, Basketball Coach and Principal

“This was an awesome workshop—every minute had a take away! Engaging and applicable. Wow!”

-Ana, Teacher

“Thank you— this was awesome and I’m so excited that my son will be exposed to your message and systems through his coaches.”

-Tammy, Sports Parent

“I’ve never attended a workshop like this and it was great! All of the principles and ideas connected with my coaching experience.”

–Trevor, Hockey Coach

We’ve Worked With Leaders From These Organizations

Workshop Outcomes

✓ A clear unified purpose

✓ Buy-in to the vision

✓ Aligned team values and behaviors

✓ Equipped leaders with proven strategies

✓ Supportive community

✓ Empowered people taking positive action

✓ Implemented systems for long-term growth

We get you don’t have the time to develop your people the way you want!

We Understand People Development Isn’t an Event


Online surveys and conversations with your people ensure we address the needs of your people and organization.

On-Site Workshop

Presentations with breakout sessions and activities that educate and empower your people to collaborate and own the necessary changes moving forward.


Follow up calls and supplemental resources to implement systems and support key influencers.

Our Workshops Provide a System and Process For Developing Your Leaders

Coaching Culture

4 Hour Workshop


For coaches, educators, and other leaders

Beneficial Sports Parenting

1 Hour Workshop


For parents

Transformational Leadership Retreat

1-3 Days

Contact for Pricing

For small groups 4-15 people

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The Culture Transformation Kit:
3 Simple Steps That Will Empower Your Team to Make Necessary Changes

The Culture Transformation Kit:

3 Simple Steps That Will Empower Your Team to Make Necessary Changes


With this guidebook, we'll help you repair the broken relationships and raise the low standards that are killing your team's culture!