Virtual Trainings

What makes these virtual trainings special?

They are great opportunities to develop your staff and connect with like-minded coaches.

  • Develop a shared vision and purpose
  • Discuss practical ways to implement your vision with your team
  • Gain clarity of roles and responsibilities with your staff to ensure success

*We will be using Zoom breakout sessions to facilitate small group discussion. If you are not with your staff, you will be partnered up with other coaches.

Upcoming Trainings

Emotional Intelligence and Personality Systems (5 Hours)

  • Tuesday June 23rd 10:00-3:00 EST

Foundational Culture Systems (5 Hours)

  • TBD


Emotional Intelligence & Personality Systems

Tuesday June 23rd (10:00-3:00 EST)

Equilibria Self & Team Awareness Workshop 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your staff, and your players using Equilibria E-colors
  • Recognize individual strengths & potential limiters
  • Learn personal intervention strategies to become less reactionary and more intentional in your interactions with others

Strengthen Relationships & Improve Communication

  • Understand communication styles based on personality tendencies
  • Learn to “speak the language” of different personalities
  • Develop strategies to conduct “crucial conversations” more effectively
  • Implement systems for intentional and consistent communication within your program using Equilibria E-Colors

Pricing for Trainings

Individual Coach $150 

Coaching Staff (4-8 Coaches) $500

Groups 8+ Special Pricing Available

Foundational Culture Systems 


Captain’s Council 

  • Learn how to cultivate a player-led culture by implementing the Captain’s Council system
  • Empower leaders to connect, support, and serve
  • Develop leaders and deepen relationships within the program

Competitive Cauldron

  • Raise the level of engagement and competition in your program
  • Create objective data on player performance
  • Empower members of the program to lead and drive this system.

Support and Accountability System

  • Establish standards throughout the program through retreats, team meetings, and standards reviews
  • Learn strategies to support those standards day in and day out
  • Empower players and coaches to create a culture of accountability to the agreed upon standards

This training will cover:

  • WHAT to do to realize your vision for your program.
  • WHY each step is important.
  • HOW to implement and execute proven strategies.
  • WHO is included and responsible for each element.



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