The Simplest Way to Check If Your Players Understand Their Roles

This college coach prided himself on communication. He was working to be transparent around playing time and roles this season. He was determined to lean into the hard conversations that he had avoided for so long. So, he implemented biweekly conversations with his...

Four Steps to Take Control of Your Anger

The Quickest Way to Drop 20 IQ Points Inside the lower part of your brain, located in the limbic system, is a little almond-sized thing called your “amygdala”. We’ve all got one, and it is one of the most significant parts of every human body. Research has shown that...

How to Get More from Your Reading

It’s been reported adults average 11 hours of media consumption a day. The research shows the majority of this consumption only adds to the stress and anxiety of our life. Does all this information provide any value in my life? What I’ve learned is the more access to...

One Special Way to Connect with Your Team

Something was still missing. He wanted something more for the upcoming season and for his players. Over the last fifteen years this coach had mastered the technical and tactical parts of his game, becoming one of the most well-respected coaches across the country. So...

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