Episode 28- Creating a Safe Culture with Trevor Ragan

Episode 29- Developing a Competitive Enviroment with Desirable Difficulties

Episode 30- The Path to Mastery in Your Culture with Trevor Ragan

Episode 31- Why and How to be Vulnerable with Trevor Ragan

Episode 32- How to Apply Mindset by Carol Dweck

Episode 33- Why We Need to Develop Leaders with Adam Bradley

Episode 34- Why We Need a Character Coach with Adam Bradley

Episode 35- Jack Easterby Character Coach of the New England Patriots

Episode 36- Growing Emotional Intelligence with Jack Easterby

Episode 37- Bill Belichick, Our Sporting Culture, and Faith with Jack Easterby

Episode 38- Applying Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Episode 40-41 -Stuart Armstong from The Talent Equation Podcat

Episode 42-43 John Carrier

Episode 44-45 Ten Parent Suggestions for Coaches

Episode #46 The Power of Journaling with Jon Barth

Episode #47 Working with Parents in Sport

Episode #49 Clarifying Our Purpose

Episode #50 Defining Our Core Values

Episode #51 Looking through Our Values

Episode #52 The Competitive Cauldron with Brian McCormick

Episode #53 Building Connection- The Culture Code Series Part 1

Episode #54 Creating Collisions- The Culture Code Series Part 2

Episode 55 Building Trust Through Shared Vulnerability- The Culture Code Series Part 3

Episode 56 James Clear on Building Habits

Episode 57 James Clear on Coaching Habits

Episode 58 After Action Review The Culture Code Part 4

Episode 59 Establishing Purpose The Culture Code Part 5

Episode 60 Teaming Up with Parents with Stephanie Zavilla Ski Sports Performance Coach

Episode 61 Let them Lead- Strategies for Captains

Episode 62 Mental Health= Mental Strength with Mental Performance Coach Dr. Rob Bell

Episode 63 Improving Your Feedback System

Episode 64-65 Conflict Resolution

Episode 66: Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership Chapter 1

Episode 67: Six of Our Biggest Takeaways from 2018

Episode 68-69 Laying a Foundation for a Player Centered Culture with VCU Rugby Coach Nick Hill

Episode 70 Dog Days of the Season

Episode 71 Culture Building Lessons From Football Coach Kurt Hines

Episode 72 How to Get Players to Embrace Their Role

Episode 73 Coaching Your Way Out of a Job with Mark Bennett

Episode 74 For Better or For Worse? A Discussion of Sideline Behavior

Episode 75 Performance is a Behavior Not an Outcome with Mark Bennett

Episode 76 The Rule of 3: A Tool to Drive Behavior Change with Mark Bennett

Episode 77 Getting the Most Out of Your End of the Season Banquet

Episode 78 Two Paths to Excellence: Recreational and Performance Athletes with Mark Bennett

Episode 79 How We Thought Through Adversity: A Retrospective on Nate’s Season

Episode 80 Changing the Game with John O’Sullivan

Episode 81 Building Your Team’s Mistake Response

Episode 82 Strategies to Help Players Recover From Their Mistakes

Episode 83 Growing Your Program with Wisconsin Coach of the Year Jeff Boos

Episode 84 Getting the Most Out of Your Coaching Staff

Episode 85 Moving from Transactional to Transformational Leadership with Shane Sowden

Episode 86 Keys to a Game-Changing Off-Season

Episode 87 Aligning Your Style of Play with Your Purpose and Values with Radius Athletics

Episode 88 Creating Powerful Moments for Your Team Part 1

Episode 89 Creating Powerful Moments for Your Team Part 2

Episode 90 Allowing Athletes to Struggle in the Areas that Matter with Guest Heath Eslinger

Episode 91 The Conversation with Parents Nobody Is Having with Guest Heath Eslinger

Episode 92 How to Create an Effective Culture Manual 

Episode 93 Shaping Your Culture in Daily Conversations with Guest Chris Oliver

Episode 94 Why Your Team’s Values Can Change Year to Year

Episode 95 Building an Intrinsically Motivated Team with Pete Jacobson from WinSmarter.Com

Episode 96 Ways to Challenge and Give Your Team Direction with Pete Jacobson from WinSmarter.com

Episode 97 How to Support and Keep Injured Players Engaged

Episode 98 Strategies to Develop Emotional Intelligence with Guest Alan Keane

Episode 100 Being a Transformational Coach in a Transactional World

Episode 101 What are you willing to be fired for? with Guest Will Rey

Episode 104 3 Ways to Make Next Season Great Part 1 with Kevin Orr

Episode 105 3 Ways to Make Next Season Great Part 2 with Phillip Marucci and Darren Douglas

Episode 106 What to Do When a Player Wants to Quit

Episode 107 What to Do When You Feel Like Quitting

Episode 108 How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Our Players with Jeremy Frith

Episode 109 The Challenges to Having a Growth Mindset as a Coach

Episode 110 Why You Need to Demonstrate a Growth Mindset


    Episode 117 Why and How You Coach Matter In Every Moment with Guest John O’Sullivan 

    Episode 118 Become More Successful by Creating an Experience that Feels Good with Guest John O’Sullivan

    Episode 119 The 4 Steps to Implementing the Rule of 3 within Your Culture

    Episode 120 How Personality Negatively Impacts Performance with Lynn Kachmarik

    Episode 122 Why Your Athletes Need More Sleep and What To Do About It

    Episode 123 Improving and Growing Ourselves with Guest Ganon Baker

    Episode 124 How to Get Your Team to Play Harder

    Episode 125 Culture Problems Aren’t Always Your Fault, But They Are Your Responsibility with Jamy Bechler

    Episode 126 Helping Athletes to Regulate Their Stress Response System with Dr. Bruce Perry Part 1