Episode 244 Should I Stay or Should I Go: How to Respond When Opportunity Knocks

Episode 243 Transforming Your Culture through the Stormy Seasons Billy Armstrong Bergen Catholic High School

Episode 242 Overcoming Personal Challenges in Leadership
Billy Armstrong Bergen Catholic High School 

Episode 241 Faith in Coaching

Episode 240 Phoenix Suns Monty Williams on Building Culture Part 2

Episode 239 Phoenix Suns Monty Williams on His Journey to Transformational Leadership Part 1

Episode 238 How to Handle Criticism

Episode 237 Lead with Love | Brian Catanella Author of The Gift

Episode 236 Three Big Ways to Be Intentional and Consistent In Your Development

Episode 235 Getting to Zero: Conflict Resolution for Players with Jayson Gaddis Part 2

Episode 234 Getting to Zero: Conflict Resolution for Coaches with Jayson Gaddis Part 1

Episode 233 What Coaches Really Need

Episode 232 What You Need to Know About the Brain with Dr. Bruce Perry & Megan Bartlett Part 2

Episode 231 What You Need to Know About the Brain with Dr. Bruce Perry & Megan Bartlett Part 1

Episode 230 When Winning is Expected

Episode 229 Plan Do Review Part 3 | Alan Keane & Simon Turner Mvmt Sports

Episode 228 Plan Do Review Part 2 | Alan Keane & Simon Turner Mvmt Sports

Episode 227 Plan Do Review Part 1 | Alan Keane & Simon Turner Mvmt Sports

Episode 226 Q & A | Common Coaching Issues Part 2

Episode 225 Q & A | Common Coaching Issues Part 1

Episode 224 How to Handle Losing, Part 2: Team

Episode 223 How to Handle Losing, Part 1: Coach

Episode 222 How to Be More Curious and Less Judgmental

Episode 221 The Best Part of their Day | Andre Pretorius Part 2

Episode 220 Becoming a Transformational Coach in Professional Sports | Andre Pretorius Part 1

Episode 219 Strategies for Raising Your Practice Intensity

Episode 218 Finding Identity & Defining Victories

Episode 217 Tyler Coston Part 1

Episode 216 Reimagining the Parent Meeting

Episode 215 Tales From the Trenches: From the NFL to #GirlDad with 14-year NFL Veteran Brad Meester Part 2

Episode 214 Tales From the Trenches: Leadership Lessons with 14-Year NFL Veteran Brad Meester Part 1

Episode 213 How to Be More Intentional as a Coach 

Episode 212 Culture is King | Dave Brandt & Dr. Mike Zigarelli

Episode 211 The Best Place to Play College Soccer | Dave Brandt & Dr. Mike Zigarelli- Messiah College Soccer Program

Episode 210 From Good to Great | Dave Brandt & Dr. Mike Zigarelli- Messiah College Soccer Program

Episode 209 How to Overcome the Trap of Permissiveness

Episode 208 Why Threats (Blaming, Shaming, and Yelling At Athletes) Aren’t the Best Ways to Lead

Episode 207 How to Apply Positive Discipline Tools to Common Behavior Problems | Dr. Jane Nelsen Author of Positive Discipline Part 2

Episode 206 The Alternative to Punishment and Permissiveness | Dr. Jane Nelsen Author of Positive Discipline Part 1

Episode 205 Three Ways to Transform the Parent & Coach Relationship | Guests Sean Keating, Nick Pocius, & Billy Armstrong

Episode 204 Three Special Experiences You Can Create for Parents & Players | Guests Darren Douglas, Al Baker, & Tim Trendel

Episode 203 Parents & Coaches Working Together to Support the Athlete Part 2 | Asia Mape

Episode 202 Improving the Parent-Coach Relationship Part 1 | Asia Mape

Episode 201 How Suns Head Coach Monty Williams Calls His Players Up Not Out with E.A.R.N.

Episode 200 Building a High-Level Team Culture | Barry Davis, Ph.D.

Episode 199 Taking Over a New Program | Building Relationships | Part 2  

Episode 198  Taking Over a New Program | Part 1

Episode 197 Sean Keating – Building a Selfless Culture | Part 2

Episode 196 Sean Keating – Building a Selfless Culture | Part 1

Episode 193 – 195 Developing Your Program Identity

Episode 191 & 192 Larry Gelwix | The Winningest Coach in America

Episode 189 & 190 Mark Cascio | Courtside Consulting

Episode 186 & 187 What Drives Winning | Brett Ledbetter and Becky Burleigh

Episode 185 Creating Staff Alignment

Episode 183 & 184 Creating a Growth Culture with Your Staff | Mano Watsa of PGC Basketball

Episode 180 & 181 Mindset Drives Behaviors + Getting Outside the Box | Arbinger Institute

Episode 179 Is Transformational Coaching in Opposition to Winning? 

Episode 177 & 178 How to Use Sports to Help Athletes During the Pandemic with Megan Bartlett 

Episode 175 & 176 Lessons from a Season of Challenges

Episode 174 The Path to the Competitive Buddha with Jerry Lynch

Episode 173 How to Replace FEAR with Authenticity and L.U.V.  (Jerry Lynch)

Episode 172 Why Team Rituals Matter

Episode 171 Winning Your Inner Battles with Lucas Jadin

Episode 170 The Cost of Pursuing Greatness with Lucas Jadin 

Episode 169 Why Playing Time is the Most Divisive Issue for Team Culture

Episode 168 Coaching During the Pandemic and Keeping Culture First with Carin Avery

Episode 167 Dealing with Loneliness and Self-Doubt in Coaching

Episode 166 Measuring the Transformational Impact of Sports

Episode 165 What Comes First: Winning or People?  

Episode 164 How to Coach the Entitled Athlete and Parent 

Episode 162-163 Developing Relationships Not Just Skills with NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love

Episode 159-161 Accountability is Overrated, Transformational Accountability, & When to Remove a Player

Episode 157 & 158 with Captain Mike Abrashoff, NY Times Best Selling Author “It’s Your Ship”

Episode 156 Connect People within Your Program 

Episode 155 Developing Leaders with Adrienne Shibles

Episode 152 & 153 with Phillies Mental Skills Coach Geoff Miller

Episode 151 Relationship Building with Former Players 

Episode 149 & 150 Creating the IAM3RD Culture with Greg Tonagel

Episode 148 The Art of Coaching with Questions

Episode 145-147: Practice Planning, Facilitating and Reflecting with Alan Keane and Mark Bennett

Episode 144: Caring for Our Mental Health as Coaches

Episode 142 & 143: Essentialism with Greg McKeown

Episode 141: Coaching Tools for Mental Health 

Episode 140: Supporting Your Athletes Mental Health with Lyndsey Fennelly

Episode 137: Coaching Through a Global Pandemic

Episode 134 How to Create a Culture Where Everything is Earned and it Feels like Family

Episode 133 Building Community in the Locker Room with Mike Avery

Episode 132 The Power of Expressing Gratitude

Episode 131 Team Building Activities with Our Guest James Leath

Episode 130 Overcoming Resistance to New and Better Ways of Doing Things

Episode 129 Training NFL Players Using a Game Based Approach with Shawn Myszka

Episode 128 A Games-Based Approach to Learning

Episode 127 Brain Science for Coaches with Dr. Bruce Perry Part 2

Episode 126 Helping Athletes to Regulate Their Stress Response System with Dr. Bruce Perry Part 1

Episode 125 Culture Problems Aren’t Always Your Fault, But They Are Your Responsibility with Jamy Bechler

Episode 124 How to Get Your Team to Play Harder

Episode 123 Improving and Growing Ourselves with Guest Ganon Baker

Episode 122 Why Your Athletes Need More Sleep and What To Do About It

Episode 120 How Personality Negatively Impacts Performance with Lynn Kachmarik

Episode 118 Become More Successful by Creating an Experience that Feels Good with Guest John O’Sullivan

Episode 117 Why and How You Coach Matter In Every Moment with Guest John O’Sullivan 

Episode 116 Helping Players in Stressful and Emotional Moments with Megan Bartlett of WeAllCoach.Com

Episode 115 The Four Conversations with Players to Prevent Unnecessary Drama

Episode 113 How to Maintain High Standards in You Program-Strategies for Transformational Discipline

Episode 111 Talent Assessment System

Episode 110 Why You Need to Demonstrate a Growth Mindset

Episode 109 The Challenges to Having a Growth Mindset as a Coach

Episode 108 How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Our Players with Jeremy Frith

Episode 107 What to Do When You Feel Like Quitting

Episode 106 What to Do When a Player Wants to Quit

Episode 105 3 Ways to Make Next Season Great Part 2 with Phillip Marucci and Darren

Episode 104 3 Ways to Make Next Season Great Part 1 with Kevin Orr

Episode 101 What are you willing to be fired for? with Guest Will Rey

Episode 100 Being a Transformational Coach in a Transactional World


 Episode 28- Creating a Safe Culture with Trevor Ragan


Episode 29- Developing a Competitive Environment with Desirable Difficulties 

Episode 30- The Path to Mastery in Your Culture with Trevor Ragan

Episode 31- Why and How to be Vulnerable with Trevor Ragan 

Episode 32- How to Apply Mindset by Carol Dweck

Episode 33- Why We Need to Develop Leaders with Adam Bradley 

Episode 34- Why We Need a Character Coach with Adam Bradley 

Episode 35- Jack Easterby Character Coach of the New England Patriots 

Episode 36- Growing Emotional Intelligence with Jack Easterby 

Episode 37- Bill Belichick, Our Sporting Culture, and Faith with Jack Easterby 

Episode 38- Applying Daring Greatly by Brene Brown 

Episode 40-41 -Stuart Armstong from The Talent Equation Podcat 

Episode 42-43 John Carrier 

Episode 44-45 Ten Parent Suggestions for Coaches 

Episode #46 The Power of Journaling with Jon Barth 

Episode #47 Working with Parents in Sport 

Episode #49 Clarifying Our Purpose 

Episode #50 Defining Our Core Values 

Episode #51 Looking through Our Values 

Episode #52 The Competitive Cauldron with Brian McCormick

Episode #53 Building Connection- The Culture Code Series Part 1 

Episode #54 Creating Collisions- The Culture Code Series Part 2 

Episode 55 Building Trust Through Shared Vulnerability- The Culture Code Series Part 3 

Episode 56 James Clear on Building Habits 

Episode 57 James Clear on Coaching Habits 

Episode 58 After Action Review The Culture Code Part 4 

Episode 59 Establishing Purpose The Culture Code Part 5 

Episode 60 Teaming Up with Parents with Stephanie Zavilla Ski Sports Performance Coach 

Episode 61 Let them Lead- Strategies for Captains 

Episode 62 Mental Health= Mental Strength with Mental Performance Coach Dr. Rob Bell 

Episode 63 Improving Your Feedback System 

Episode 64-65 Conflict Resolution 

Episode 66: Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership Chapter 1 

Episode 67: Six of Our Biggest Takeaways from 2018 

Episode 68-69 Laying a Foundation for a Player Centered Culture with VCU Rugby Coach Nick Hill 

Episode 70 Dog Days of the Season 

Episode 71 Culture Building Lessons From Football Coach Kurt Hines 

Episode 72 How to Get Players to Embrace Their Role 

Episode 73 Coaching Your Way Out of a Job with Mark Bennett

Episode 74 For Better or For Worse? A Discussion of Sideline Behavior 

Episode 75 Performance is a Behavior Not an Outcome with Mark Bennett 

Episode 76 The Rule of 3: A Tool to Drive Behavior Change with Mark Bennett 

Episode 77 Getting the Most Out of Your End of the Season Banquet 

Episode 78 Two Paths to Excellence: Recreational and Performance Athletes with Mark Bennett 

Episode 79 How We Thought Through Adversity: A Retrospective on Nate’s Season 

Episode 80 Changing the Game with John O’Sullivan 

Episode 81 Building Your Team’s Mistake Response 

Episode 82 Strategies to Help Players Recover From Their Mistakes 

Episode 83 Growing Your Program with Wisconsin Coach of the Year Jeff Boos 

Episode 84 Getting the Most Out of Your Coaching Staff

Episode 85 Moving from Transactional to Transformational Leadership with Shane Sowden 

Episode 86 Keys to a Game-Changing Off-Season 

Episode 87 Aligning Your Style of Play with Your Purpose and Values with Radius Athletics 

Episode 88 Creating Powerful Moments for Your Team Part 1 

Episode 89 Creating Powerful Moments for Your Team Part 2 

Episode 90 Allowing Athletes to Struggle in the Areas that Matter with Guest Heath Eslinger

Episode 91 The Conversation with Parents Nobody Is Having with Guest Heath Eslinger 

Episode 92 How to Create an Effective Culture Manual  

Episode 93 Shaping Your Culture in Daily Conversations with Guest Chris Oliver 

Episode 94 Why Your Team’s Values Can Change Year to Year

Episode 95 Building an Intrinsically Motivated Team with Pete Jacobson from WinSmarter.Com

Episode 96 Ways to Challenge and Give Your Team Direction with Pete Jacobson from WinSmarter.com 

Episode 97 How to Support and Keep Injured Players Engaged 

Episode 98 Strategies to Develop Emotional Intelligence with Guest Alan Keane