How to Work with Parents Complaining About Playing Time

  “I am never the type of parent to complain…” “I really appreciate all you do for the boys, but…” “I know I shouldn’t be worried about playing time, but I’m really worried about my daughter…” If you are a coach you have likely got one of these messages from a parent....

Six Habits to Improve Your Athletes Sleep

The Cost of Wakefulness In 2003, researchers from Penn and Harvard Medical Schools wanted to see if people could avoid the “recommended” amount of sleep without suffering serious negative consequences. Over a two-week period, the researchers studied four groups of...

The Five Conversations I Want to Have with Parents

It’s Not About the Shark In 1974, the young film director, Steven Spielberg, faced a costly, growing problem. He was trying to make a movie about a shark, but he didn’t have a working shark. The mechanical sharks they had built for the movie Jaws wouldn’t stop...

3 Reasons Coaches Should Listen to Parents’ Concerns

Even About Things Parents Shouldn’t Be Concerned About 5 Minute Read or Listen on iTunes “I would like to meet with you to discuss my child.” Oh, the dreaded text a coach gets the evening after a hard practice or game! This text or email can lead to a few sleepless...

5 Commitments Coaches Can Make to Work with Parents

The New Challenge: Calling Parents Up, Not Out Years ago, when I was coaching in Ireland, I had a much different criticism of parents in sports. Generally, with some exceptions, the parents were uninvolved and uninterested in their son’s basketball games. Basketball...