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Does your team struggle with the following?

  • growing sense of entitlement
  • lack of accountability
  • selfish attitudes
  • poor leadership
  • little focus on character

Stop investing your time and money in leadership books that leave you unequipped to lead.

I get it…

You’ve got limited time to read books and figure things out!

You’re tired of books just giving you inspiration and principles.

You need practical systems and strategies as a leader!

What other leaders are saying…

The story is realistic to what coaches face and addresses all the relevant challenges of building and developing a transformational culture. It’s a great blueprint for building a championship program and identifies the DNA of how a healthy culture operates!

-Skip Brock, MBCA Hall of Fame Coach

This is a terrific read for anyone in coaching at any level or for those in business striving to create a culture that delivers results and development on each individual’s journey.

-Jim Conway, CEO of Collegiate Profiles

It brings pieces from a lot of different places all into one book. It’s so good I bought copies for our entire staff

-John Carrier, High School Coach and Teacher

After reading the book you will have:

Clarity and conviction in your mission.

Simple personalized plan to grow as a leader.

Practical blueprint to build a transformational culture.

Essential tools for the road ahead.

Don’t waste anymore time…

  1. Read the book.
  2. Complete the Calling Up Leadership Guide PDF
  3. Start building the culture everyone wants to be a part of!

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