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Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership

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“Call people up, not out” is a phrase I heard the journalist Anderson Cooper use to describe transformational and inspirational world leaders. Since hearing that phrase in 2015, I set out to become that type of leader in my own profession, and studied the principle differences in “calling people up” instead of “calling people out.” The difference is average vs. great, success vs. failure, and as basic as it can be, winning vs. losing.

In the spirit of this phrase, my new book, Calling Up is the fable of a high school basketball coach named Daniel, who faces the many challenges coaches in every sport and every level face in today’s sporting culture and challenging environment.  After hitting rock bottom, Daniel sets out on a thought-provoking personal and professional journey to become the leader and build the team he has always wanted.

With the help of a few mentors, Daniel learns powerful principles and strategies to transform not only his coaching and his team, but also his life! He learns not only how to call people up, but how to build a culture of calling people up to reach their own level of greatness.

Calling Up is broken into four different parts. The first part follows Daniel’s journey to find inner clarity and vision. The second part tracks how Daniel creates an internal process for personal development. In the third part we see how Daniel lays the foundation for his new team culture. And finally, the book concludes with Daniel refining his process for continued personal and team growth.

As we follow Daniel’s journey, the book puts a mirror squarely in the face of the reader, challenging the audience to survey their own lives, success, failure, leadership style, and culture practices. By the end of the book, readers should have meaningful tools and the structure to begin to hold themselves and their teams accountable.


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Coaches don’t need more principles and motivation! We need a better system. At the core of Calling Up is a variety of strategies, procedures, and behaviors we can implement within our system. Our system for personal development and growth. And our system for culture development and growth.

This is a guide for implementing that personal and cultural system that you can use simultaneous to reading this book or after reading the book.

Each section contains a reflection exercise, application of the essential concept outlined in the chapter, and follow up reading that will supplement your coaching development.

Becoming a transformational coach can be a messy process, but this guide should help you put it all together and be a true difference maker on and off the court.

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