About J.P. Nerbun

Author of Calling Up – Mentor – Sports Consultant

I’m J.P. Nerbun, a mentor, writer, coach, and sports consultant. Most importantly, I am a husband and father. Although I was a multisport athlete, basketball was always my first love. I followed my passion to the University of South Carolina, where I won an NIT Championship in Madison Square Garden in 2006. After playing in college, I moved to Ireland, where I got my teaching degree in physical education and sports science at the University of Limerick, one of the top universities in Europe for sports education.

I’ve coached for over 12 years in Ireland, Lithuania, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. During my time in Ireland, I coached over 30 teams in five years. In a nutshell, I’ve coached a lot of basketball!

By being thrown into head coaching positions at nearly every level imaginable (including professional, collegiate, and high school), I gained an incredible level of experience—the best of which being my many experiences with failure! Having worked with men and women at various levels, with diverse backgrounds, and across all sports, I understand how to apply the principles, systems, and strategies to build a transformational culture.

In 2017, I initially started Thrive On Challenge as a blog, and it grew into a sports consulting business in 2017. Early on, I was unsure how to serve and provide value. I just knew I wanted to be a part of the solution to the current crisis in our sporting culture.

Since founding Thrive On Challenge, I have served coaches, athletes, and parents across the world, at every level and in every sport you can name. Regardless of their sport, level, or country, I am confident that all coaches need support. I enjoy walking with them on their journeys to becoming better leaders and build a transformational culture.